Museum of Science Boston

Project Vaccine: Winner of two AVA Digital Awards

The Challenge

Our Task

Make a compelling digital exhibit about COVID-19 vaccines for people to explore virtually, while also improving the author experience for museum staff.

My Role



Qualitative Research

By conducting stakeholder workshops, our team was able to uncover directions and insights shared by staff.

A sitemap

Information Architecture

Using the notes from Discovery, our team laid out where the overall pieces of the site would live, within a larger, pre-existing structure.

Content Guides

Content Priority Guides

Because all of the pages of Project Vaccine were net new, the team needed to work with subject matter experts and rough out content priority guides, a kind of low-fidelity wireframe. These guides helped our team test out ideas for placement and interaction.

Visual Design

Our Creative team brought life to the content by creating a styleguide and full visual deisgn, including interactions.

The Project Vaccine homepage
the new site


The brand-new site shows multiple interaction points and paths, answering common questions and providing a new way to learn about the entire vaccine process. Visit the Project Vaccine site.

logo for AVA Awards


We won two platinum AVA Digital Awards!

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